i-D JAPAN「水原希子がパリで纏う、サンローランの2023夏コレクション」

i-D JAPAN「水原希子がパリで纏う、サンローランの2023夏コレクション」公開。

i-D JAPAN "Kiko Mizuhara wears Saint Laurent's 2023 Summer Collection in Paris" is released.


Editorial Director Claire Thomson Jonville
Creative Director Dan Sablon
Photography Pablo Saez
Styling Dan Sablon
Videography Yédihael
Hair Rimi Ura
Make-up Morgane Martini
Nail technician Saloua Derbali
Text Makoto Kikuchi and Julie Le Minor
Creative producer Zoé Arich
Production manager Khedija Daoui
Photography assistance Agustin Bobo Garcia and Marc Fournier
Styling assistance Clara Viano

Special thanks to Ojii restaurant